Contact: ross #at* rossracine %dot& com

CV (pdf)
Statement - Aerial Views (pdf)
Statement - Human Figure (pdf)
Technical Note (pdf)
Excerpts (press, exhibition documentation (pdf)

Interviews: Canadian Geographic (Vancouver)
                  The Urban Times (London) (pdf)
                  Rising Wisely (Bengaluru, India) (pdf)
The Art Life or Science Fictional (Sydney, Australia)
                  Proof of Concept (New York) (pdf)

Catalogs for download or in printed version (search for "ross racine"):
16 prints from 2008 to 2013 at MagCloud
• 14 prints from 2006 to 2008 at lulu

Galleries: my work is available at the following galleries:
                  The Front Room (New York)
Gottheiner (St. Louis, Missouri)

Printing: my works are printed at Skink Ink (New York)